Hollandia Gardens Association gifts a collection of Horticulture Reference Books in 2016 to:

The Lloyd Library and Museum, Cincinnati, OH
Maggie Heran, M.L.S., Executive Director

Anna Heran accepted the collection from Earl Robinson, HGA Board President in January 2016. The collection of over 100 books was given to Hollandia by Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH. Hollandia had no facility that could make these books available to the public so the thought was to donate them to a library.

The books covered the following subjects: Bonsai, Ferns, Guide to Grasses, Mushrooms, Weeds, Wildflowers, Tree ID, Shrub ID, Medicinal Plants, Herbs, Sedges & Rushes, Prairie Plants, Wild Orchids, Perennials, Edible Wild Plants, Vascular Flora, Roses, Seeds, Broadleaved Evergreens, Bulbs and more.

Anna Heran of Lloyd Library & Museum accepts over 100 Horticulture Reference Books from Earl Robinson of Hollandia Gardens Association, January 2016.

Lloyd’s Cold Still

Lloyd’s medicines from plant parts.