Our Mission

HGA is dedicated to the establishment and continuance of Snyder Park Gardens and Arboretum as an enhancement of the Springfield/Clark County community and an attraction for residents and visitors. Through this and future projects, HGA promotes engagement with the natural world, continuous education, green space conservation and wellness activities.

Our Vision

In the Snyder Park Gardens and Arboretum and other projects that it might undertake, HGA envisions a range of functions and benefits:

  • Inspiration and enjoyment for all ages to connect with nature and the dynamics of the entire natural world.
  • Connect our community with a network of professionals dedicated to the preservation and conservation of green space.
  • Host a wide range of activities including celebration, education, and engagement of people with various life challenges.
  • In keeping with the Hollandia name, reflect our community’s rich heritage in agriculture and horticulture.
  • Stimulate and compliment other enhancements throughout the community.


The site for Snyder Park Gardens is on 25 acres of the former golf course immediately behind (west of) the Clubhouse.  The building, erected in the 1930s, is to remain an integral component. An additional 65 acres beyond the Garden area is under study for creation of an interactive wetland / nature area.

Within the overall Garden design, HGA is charged with developing three major sections:

  • Children’s Garden
  • Maze
  • Mobility Garden

As of December 2015, the overall project has already seen such activity as the grading of former greens and tee boxes, removing trees that are either diseased or unfortunately situated, the planting of OSU Extension’s Trial Gardens, and completion of the Central Bark dog park adjacent to the Garden area.  The area immediately east of the Garden site has seen the addition of the Rotary Children’s Playground in 2014 and a new SprayGround in 2015.  Access to this section of Snyder Park is now via the new Snyder Street Bridge that echoes the old Iron Bridge, now designated for bike and pedestrian use.

Along with the kayak landing and rapids a short distance upstream, lagoons rendered deeper and clearer with new pumping systems and fountains, and a planned bridge linking the bike path with Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum, Snyder Park is emerging as a 21st century “happening place.”